Discproducer Network Disc Publisher (PP-100N)

Epson's Discproducer Network model offers the same advanced disc publishing features of the standard Discproducer model. In addition, the Network model offers shared access between multiple users with Ethernet connectivity. The Network model also features an LCD display for monitoring ink levels, publisher status and error reporting, an embedded processor to expedite publishing jobs, a hard drive for storing publishing jobs and a door lock to restrict access.
Product Features
• Unattended operation
• 100 disc capacity
• Six high capacity ink cartridges
• Prints and burns up to 30 CDs or 15 DVDs/hour
• Prints up to 60 discs/hour
• AcuGrip™ technology for reliable media handling
• Economical to operate and maintain
• Ethernet connectivity
• Supports unlimited users
• No software licensing fees
Discproducer Network Disc Publisher (PP-100N)
Interface Ethernet, 100 Base Tx, 1000 Base T
Publishing speed
(burn and print)
Publishes up to 30 CDs/hour
Publishes up to 15 DVDs/hour
Print-only speed Speed mode up to 60 discs/hour
Quality mode up to 40 discs/hour
Print technology Six-color inkjet printer featuring Epson's MicroPiezo technology
Print resolution Speed mode: 1440 x 720 dpi
Quality mode: 1440 x 1440 dpi
Overall dimensions 14.80" (W) x 20.20" (D) x 13.70" (H)