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 Epson Discproducer PP-100N

Epson PP-100II Discproducer - Six Color Printing and Two Recorders

List Price: $4159.00
Discount Price: $3178.00  

How It Works    Specifications

PP-100II Epson Discproducer Upgrade Edition is a professional, high-performance and affordable CD/DVD duplicator with six color printing and two CD/DVD recorders. This is one of the newest systems to enter the disc publishing field. It incorporates Epson's quality robotics and well known ink matching.
  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Interface
  • Leave Production Runs Unattended
  • High Accuracy
  • User-Replaceable Drives
  • Total Disc Maker Software Included


Epson Discproducer PP-100N      

Epson PP-50II Discproducer - Six Color Printing and One Recorder                                                                                                                                                      Specifications
List Price: $2,440.00
Discount Price: $2109.00 

Epson's new Discproducer Standard PP-50 (previous model PP-50ii) model was designed for users with smaller output requirements. It has all the same features of the Standard 100 model, but with a smaller capacity. It can burn and print up to 50 discs at speeds of up to 15 CDs or 8 DVDs per hour and features two modes: a standard mode for production runs up to 50 discs and a low volume mode for runs up to 20 discs.

Epson Discproducer PP-50BD 50 Disc Blu-ray Publisher      

Epson PP-50BD Blu Ray Discproducer - Six Color Printing and One Recorder                                                                                                                                                            Specifications
List Price: $3802.00
Discount Price: $3195.00 

Burn and print in high def with this Blu-ray equipped Discproducer from Epson! Features a 50-disc capacity and high-resolution 6-cartridge printer for complete disc production that's sure to impress!

Epson Discproducer PP-100AP      

Epson PP-100BD Blu Ray Discproducer - Six Color Printing and Two Recorders                                                                                                                                                             Specifications
List Price: $8086.00
Discount Price: $6799.00 

Produce complete Blu-ray discs in high volumes with this 100-disc publisher from Epson! The Discproducer PP-100IIBD features Pioneer PR1 Archival recorders and blazing fast USB 3.0 speed!

Epson Discproducer PP-100AP
Epson PP-100AP Autoprinter with Six Color Printing
List Price: $2,731.00
Discount Price: $2273.00

PP-100AP  PRINTER ONLY - The Epson Discproducer print-only model is ideal for use with high-speed duplication systems. It has all the features you need to print up to 100 customized discs at a time at a print speed of up to 95 discs per hour with its vibrant six-color inkjet printing, precision AcuGripô robotic arm and easy-to-use software.

(Important: Prints labels only - does not duplicate. See other Discproducers for both functions.)

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