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Epson Discproducer PP-100

Epson PP-100 Discproducer with Six Color Printing and Two Recorders

List Price: $3,495.00
Discount Price: $2,695.00  You save $800.00! - Plus Free Freight in USA

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PP-100   Epson Discproducer is a professional, high-performance and affordable CD/DVD duplicator with six color printing and two CD/DVD recorders. This is one of the newest systems to enter the disc publishing field. It incorporates Epson's quality robotics and well known ink matching.
Epson Discproducer PP-100AP
Epson PP-100AP Autoprinter with Six Color Printing
List Price: $2,295.00
Discount Price: $1,950.00  You save $345.00! - Plus Free Freight in USA

PP-100AP  The Epson Discproducer print-only model is ideal for use with high-speed duplication systems. It has all the features you need to print up to 100 customized discs at a time at a print speed of up to 95 discs per hour with its vibrant six-color inkjet printing, precision AcuGripô robotic arm and easy-to-use software.
Epson Discproducer PP-100N
Epson PP-100N Discproducer Network Edition, Six Color, Two Recorders
List Price: $5,495.00
Discount Price: $4,695.00  You save $800.00! - Plus Free Freight in USA

PP-100N   The Epson Discproducer Network model supports shared access between multiple users with Ethernet connectivity. In addition, it features an LCD display for publisher status and error reporting, an embedded processor to expedite and speed up publishing jobs, an embedded hard drive for storing publishing jobs and a door lock to restrict access.
Epson Discproducer PP-100N Security
Epson PP-100NS Discproducer Secure Edition, Six Color, Two Recorders
List Price: $7,495.00
Discount Price: $6,395.00  You save $1,100.00! - Plus Free Freight in USA

PP-100NS  Now you can protect your confidential or sensitive information with Epson's Discproducer Network Security model. It comes with all the same features as the Network model plus an encrypted hard drive to protect your information. Publishing is restricted to authorized users only and there are two controlled access modes to limit who and what gets published.

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